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Hydrogen Alkaline Water Bottle

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Advanced SPE, PEM Technology: Hydrogen water bottle adopt the most advanced SPE and PEM technology, rapidly electrolyze water into H2 and O2, separate and release H2 and O2, help the ordinary drinking water becomes hydrogen- rich water, and weak alkaline water.

Benefits of Drinking Hydrogen water: 1,Hydrogen water pitcher make water molecules much smaller, which will be absorbed by the cell membrane better and boost metabolism 2,Hydrogen water maker can improve the function of cell repair and regeneration 3,Alkaline water can reduce blood viscosity, improve microcirculation and enhance blood vessel elasticity.

Easy & Safe: One-button quick operation, USB rechargeable, saving more money than Hydrogen Infused Water pack or h2 water Tablets. Made of high borosilicate glass, without any harmful chemical substances. Easy and convenient for office, travel, work. It only takes 3 minutes to produce a cup of hydrogen rich water which can be drunk directly.

High End Hydrogen Water Ionizer: Equipped with high-quality ion-exchange membrane, which can remove impurities. Independent Base with Convert Joint for Mineral Water Bottle--Light weight for Portable. Mineral water bottle can be installed directly on the host base.

Suggestion: Clean the Hydrogen water generator one or two times before use. Do not pour the fruit juice, milk and tea, etc. into the alkaline water ionizer machine; Drink all hydrogen water within 30 minutes; The Hydrogen Concentration will be different because of the different water quality.


Benefits for drinking hydrogen water:

1. Improve cellular health and enhance better nutrient absorption in the body

2. Improvement of blood glucose & HbA1c levels in diabetes mellitus

3. Better hydration for your body- increase blood circulation

4. Help to lower saturated fat levels

5. Reduce aging to give healthy looking skin

6. Improve memory in aged individuals - reduce constipation problems

7. Aids in lowering cholesterol levels.


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