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Reusable Makeup Remove Towel (3 pcs)

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- Are you seeking a more natural way to remove your make-up each day?

- Are you spending large amounts on makeup remover towelettes?

- Does your current method of makeup removal do more harm than good to your skin?

- Would you like a make-up removal method that's safer for you AND the environment?



Super-Soft, Natural and Effective: APPROVED FOR ALL SKIN TYPES!

Soft MICROFIBER material helps avoid breakouts & stay glowing all day long! Gentle enough to for the most sensitive skin & Rosacea


One Towel, Two Usage

- Front Side: dense, short hair for wiping off the makeup

- Opposite Side: soft, longer hair for subsequent facial cleansing


Convenient to Place Anywhere

- hang the towel in higher place using the tag at the side of the towel

- hang the towel in short or lower place using the soft hook in the middle of the towel

- Eliminate using oils and unnatural chemicals and achieve 100% makeup removal.

- Literally save hundreds every year by no longer having to buy expensive makeup remover sheet that harm your skin.

- Have skin that's naturally exfoliated with a plush cloth that feels good and gets the job done.

- Create less waste by having a stain-zero cloth you can reuse hundreds of times with a quick toss in the washing machine.

- Save money, help the environment and have better skin in the process with Pleasing Care Makeup Remover Cloths!



- This towel is individually packed like a rose, size 40x17cm, use up to 1000 times/pcs.

- 1 detail instruction included (easy to use even for the 1st time)



1. Using warm water wet the Makeup Remover cloth, making sure the cloth soaks up the water.

2. In a circular motion remove makeup using the front side of the cloth.

3. Flip cloth over and continue until all makeup is removed.

4. Easy Hand wash or Machine wash the towel as you like, tumble dry and DO NOT BLEACH.



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